My name is James "Kelly" McClimans, I am an evangelical Christian.   I believe that every adult who carefully considers the truth will put their faith in Christ:
  • All have sinned - is this even debatable
  • Christ is the way to salvation - His own historical words, again not debatable
  • Simply confess your sins and trust Jesus to join the Family of God.
I know it seems simple but its true.  If you are saying yeah but science has proven there is no God, and we all evolved.  Well you have been duped by childish arguments.  Consider the difference between history,  science, the scientific method.  History can not be proven scientifically it must be witnessed.  Also beware of information that is the result of the scientific method but is not conclusive.  Science is repeatable and predictable.   For an adult perspective on this spend a few months studying these topics.  A few months is short compared to an eternity of error.  See  The Institute for Creation Research (