Vaccine Mandates

Government Mandates for Vaccinations

I believe that vaccination mandates are a travesty and example of Big Government, Big Pharmaceutical Companies, and Big Media greed.

If you don't want the COVID 19 Vaccines then don't take it. 

As a Boeing Employee I choose to not get vaccinated.  Furthermore,  I will not subject myself to needless testing  which may expose me to serious long term risks. 

Read the actual federal mandate,  linked below, and ask the following question:  What data does the Directory of OMB use to determine that the mandates "will promote economy and efficiency in Federal contracting".  After thousands of families are destroyed by losing their job I doubt anything will be efficient.  The very first thing the next administration needs to do is fire the current Director of OMB.

Resources to Exempt yourself from the mandate

These are the resource I used to request an exemption from Boeing's Mandate